Our Staff


Reverend Dr. Richard L. Baker, Jr.

Pastor/Head of Staff

2021-2022 Session

Class of 2022

Katie Brennaman
Melissa Keller
Bill Potter
Milt Ross

Class of 2023

Mel Gillespie
Sarah Sessions
Joe Shonle
Lola Signom

Class of 2024

Kay Berg
Rachael Boezi
Ernie McCallister
Brian Sharp


The Reverend Dr. Richard L. Baker, Jr., Moderator
The Reverend John W. Neely
The Reverend Nancy S. Hodgkins
The Reverend Anna Owens
Clerk of Session: Gene Saunders


2021-2022 Board of Deacons

Class of 2022

Terry Biers

Eric Knorr
Jim Helsinger
Robbie Nash
Laura Peterson

Class of 2023

Laura Bascom
John Ey
Diana Grimes
Julie Schrodi
Drew Statt
Tom Wilson

Class of 2024

Jim Berkshire
Fred Dudding
Holly Martin
Peggy Sisson
Marsh Stevens
Kristen TenWolde


Standing Committees

Nominating Committee

Kay Berg - Chair

David Leach
Sarah Kiewitz
Gloria Pugh
Jeff Thomas
Richard Baker - staff

Building and Grounds

Milt Ross - Chair
Mel Gillespie

The mission of the Building and Grounds Committee is to maintain and rehabilitate the real property of the church: the building, the grounds, and the parking lot.

Education and Practice Committee

Katie Brenneman - Chair

Joe Shonle

The mission of the Education and Practice Committee is to encourage faith formation through education and spiritual practices for all ages.

Evangelism, Hospitality, and Membership Committee

Sarah Sessions - Chair

The mission of the committee is to provide opportunities for evangelism to be learned and practiced by the congregation, to lead the congregation’s ministry of hospitality to visitors, and to welcome new members into the church body.

Mission Committee

Melissa Keller - Chair

Kay Berg

The mission of the committee is to demonstrate God’s love and compassion, to enrich the lives of people in need, and to encourage social justice and peacemaking through education.

Fellowship Committee

Bill Potter - Chair

The mission of the Fellowship Committee is to offer opportunities for the members of Westminster to increase their congregational friendships in a variety of settings and in an environment of love and warmth.

Personnel Committee

Lola Sigmon - Chair

Working with Pastor/Head of Staff, the mission of the committee is to assure the adequacy of personnel and personnel administration for the church.

Stewardship and Finance Committee

Mel Gillespie - Chair

The mission of this committee is to educate the congregation about stewardship, encourage generous financial giving as a matter of spiritual practice, and monitor the Session's adopted budget.

Worship, Music and Fine Arts Committee

Rachael Boezi - Chair

The mission of this committee is to plan, evaluate, and encourage Sunday worship, special worship, weddings, and funerals. The committee also oversees the church’s music and fine arts.