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Adult Education: Welcome
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 Class Descriptions

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The Gospel According to Ted Lasso

Beginning Sunday, April 16
In honor of the debut of the third and final season of the hit Apple TV show Ted Lasso, the Parent's Fellowship Class is revisiting some of the show's greatest lessons on faith, forgiveness, and leadership. We will be focusing on the first season, so whether you are new to the show or if it's an old favorite, please watch along and join us for the discussion! Ted Lasso is an adult show with adult language and themes, so plan to watch without your kids. The group will meet in Room 102 at 11:30 a.m. starting April 16. 

  • April 16- Season 1, Episode 1

  • April 23- Season 1, Episodes 2-3

  • April 30- Season 1, Episodes 4-5

  • May 7- Season 1, Episodes 6-7

  • May 14- Season 1, Episodes 8-9

  • May 21- Season 1, Episode 10 and Beyond!

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Living in the Light: Pairing—and Comparing—Jesus’ Parables

Adult Education Class Beginning Sunday, April 16, 11:20 a.m.
No doubt, there’s a proverb and a parable, in the Bible and beyond, for every occasion. The trick is the finding the right parable—and understanding it rightly—for this occasion, whatever this occasion might be. In other words, wisdom (e.g., proverbs and parables) requires wisdom for its application to our lives; and wisdom is ultimately a gift of the Holy Spirit. Join us for this adult education series as we explore, compare, and pair the parables together to weave a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus. This hybrid class will meet in the West Parlor and is taught by Richard Baker.

Adult Education: Join Us
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