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Fellowship and Small Groups

Fellowship and Small Groups: What's Happening

Dragon's Night

Thursday, July 11Tickets are $14 per person

All ticket sales are being handled through the Dayton Dragons
Bring your family, friends, neighbors, and Presby groups! We have a limited number of tickets available for $14.00 per ticket. Tickets must be purchased by June 11. Please note that all ticket sales are being handled through the Dayton Dragons and use the link below to make your ticket purchase. Proceeds from ticket sales will fund scholarship opportunities for MADD Camp.

Reserve your tickets online or call the Church Office! (Presentation (169)) (1).jpg
Fellowship and Small Groups: Text


Help us name the Westminster coed softball team! How about "Westminster Winners" or "Dayton Dynamos"? You could also go for a playful twist like "Holy Rollers" or "Divine Dodgers". Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the spirit of bringing everyone together for some fun on the field!

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Fellowship and Small Groups: Image
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Spiritual Growth

Small Groups

“Small Groups” may sound generic, but they mean something very specific at Westminster: An intentional face-to-face gathering of 10 or fewer people on a regular time schedule with the common purpose of building relationships with each other and God.

Small Groups provide:

  • A place to know and be known in a supportive environment (beyond family or work)

  • A place to explore with others how to integrate what we believe with what we do.

  • A supportive environment for struggle, change and decision

The books, the projects, and the structure of each group are determined by its members and its lay leader (not a pastor). 

For more information about Small Groups contact Nancy Ross-Zimmerman.

Spiritual Friendship Groups 

The gift of friendship is enjoyed on many levels: casual, long distance, spanning many years. Spiritual friendship offers a unique invitation to those who have a yearning to go deeper spiritually and to connect with others on a spiritual level.

Spiritual Friendship Groups, which consist of 3-4 individuals, meet monthly, and encourage participants through the shared steps of listening, discernment, silence, and prayer, to notice where and how the spirit of God is moving in their lives and to live out of this awareness. Through participation and practice, members learn how to listen to one another prayerfully without attempting to fix, save, advise, or set the other straight. Listening in this manner is a wonderful and life-changing gift. 

Come and discover in an informal way a means to grow in intimacy with God and one another.



Presby Groups

Yes, “Presby” is a made-up word no computer likes. It always gets the red squiggly line under it.  But we like it. We love these groups because they spell long-lasting friendship and good fun.   What’s not to like?

We have Presby groups who gather just about every month to eat and talk, have fun and share fellowship together.  Some organize a program along with the meal. Others just enjoy the social time together. Some have been meeting for years. Others have formed more recently.

There’s always room in one of these groups for anyone or couple interested in joining. It’s a great way to get to know others at WPC socially, form lasting friendships, and to have some great meals.

Bridge Group

Do you enjoy playing duplicate bridge? Westminster members do. Join the Bridge Interest Group on the 2nd and 4th Monday's at 6:30 pm. Contact Pat Torvik for more information.

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Older Adult Groups

Just Friends

Just Friends is an informal fellowship group for people over age 55. This group meets most months accept during the summer and visits an area attraction followed by lunch.

Westminster Men

Westminster Men is a fellowship activity for men over 50. Monthly events are selected to promote learning about the Dayton community and its history, technology and other things. Some activities strive to broaden our understanding and application of our religious beliefs. And, as is traditionally Presbyterian, good food and comradery is a part of all events.


All Church Events

Westminster enjoys fellowship around shared meals and at outings away from the church. Some events are held annually and others on a rotating basis. Look for information in the weekly bulletin and on the front page of this website for events that include; Advent Pot-luck Dinner, Bowling Night, Canoe Outing, Chili Round-up, Dinner Theater, Harvest Dinner, Dips and Dogs (Ice-Cream Social Lunch), May Festival of Religious Arts, Tacos and Trivia, and Westminster Night at the Dragons.

Fellowship and Small Groups: What's Happening
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