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Deacon Home Assistance Workday

Saturday, November 7 (Rain date, Saturday, November 14)
Do you need help this fall with outside tasks such as leaf raking and removal, garden mulching, weeding, exterior light replacements or transporting goods to Goodwill? The Board of Deacons is sponsoring a Home Assistance Workday on Saturday, November 7 (Rain date, Saturday, November 14). Teams of roughly 3 people each will be available from 10:30 – 12:30 p.m. or 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. All team members will wear masks and if not from the same family, work socially distanced. If you need outside assistance or would like to volunteer and help, please click on the link and fill out a request form. A deacon will contact you. Click here to volunteer or to sign up for assistance.

Deacon Ministries

At Westminster, deacons are the “doers” of multiple direct-care ministries for members and others from birth to the end of life. Along with Care Teams, (see below) deacons listen when others share hurts and struggles of everyday life, and provide caring support in times of
sickness, loss, and grief. Deacons encourage the health and well-being of members and draw alongside them in times of life transition.

For more information about our Deacon Ministries, click here.

Care Teams

Spiritual care is provided to members and others through the one-on-one ministries of three teams:
Church Partners, Hospital Visitation, and Loss Support.

Church Partners maintain monthly contact with older members who can no longer come to church as often as they would like with visits and cards.

Hospital Visitation Team members visit members hospitalized each week, and provide follow-up support once at home. The Loss Support Team provides grief care to members who have lost a spouse, child, or parent.

A Care Resource Team plans and coordinates training symposiums on various topics to enhance care-giving skills and overall awareness for Care Team members and other interested members of the congregation.

Listening – A Gift Needed by All

We learn and use many skills in life.  Without continued use or practice most will diminish over time.  Listening is a skill that can be further developed no matter our age or experience, and when done well has the ability to calm, comfort, and empower.  Unlike other gifts we may give, listening is never out of stock, is suitable for young and old alike, is appropriate for any season, and always appreciated.  Beginning Wednesday, September 16, and following on the 30, October 7, and 14, the Care Resource Team is offering a four week listening series taught by Margaret Haney.  These classes, which will incorporate the skills of Paraphrase, Perception Check, Story Listening and Creative Questions, will be offered on Zoom from 7:00-8:30 p.m.  Contact Sue Hamilton,, for more information.

Tech Angels

Tech Angels can help if you need help with things such as watching the virtual services on YouTube, accessing the Westminster website, accessing the online ShelbyNext directory, participating in Zoom Sunday School classes or small group discussions, and more! Tech Angels are not computer experts trained to fix equipment that is not working properly but can help you evaluate your situation and assist you to connect to Westminster from any device.

If you need assistance from Tech Angels, click here or call Julie Schrodi at 937-232-7219. See you in cyberspace!

Do you have an unused tablet computer lying around? Please consider helping our congregation stay connected to Westminster by donating your tablet to the TechAngels! Donated tablets will be cleared and reformatted so we can provide fellowship and connection for members who need them. To schedule a pick-up of your tablet donation, please contact Deacons Drew Statt ( or Julie Shrodi (937-232-7219). 

Prayer Requests

Is there someone you would like us to pray for? Requests for prayer received are shared with the Westminster Email Prayer Ministry Team and remain confidential. 

Please secure permission before sharing an individual’s name, or use generic words such as friend, parent, child, or spouse.

Click here to submit a prayer

From more information about Westminster Caring Ministries, contact Sue Hamilton.


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