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Deacon Ministries

At Westminster, deacons are the “doers” of multiple direct-care ministries for members and
others from birth to the end of life. Along with Care Teams, (see below) deacons listen when
others share hurts and struggles of every everyday life, and provide caring support in times of
sickness, loss, and grief. Deacons encourage the health and well-being of members and draw

alongside them in times of life transition.

Deacon Ministries: What's Happening

Westminster Deacon Ministries

Westminster Deacons carry out ministries of congregational care in the areas of Health and
Wellness, Life Transitions, and Prayer and Presence. These hands-on, service oriented, and
one-on-one listening care ministries include the following:

Health and Wellness

  • Weekly hearing assist devices for worshipers

  • Medical equipment loans

  • An Emergency Response Team during Worship

  • Disposal of unused and old medications

  • Deacon Home Assistance Work Day

Life Transitions

  • Visitation with parents at the time of birth or adoption

  • Support for families during and after times of bereavement (meat & cheese tray, grief booklets, personal contact, holiday bereavement luncheon)

  • Support in times of transition (moving into a retirement facility, hospitalization, cognitive decline)

  • Delivery of cards for bereavement, hospitalizations and other life transitions

Prayer and Presence

  • Delivery of sanctuary flowers to hospitalized members

  • Delivery of lilies at Easter and poinsettias at Christmas to homebound members

  • Caroling during Advent to homebound members

  • Delivery of Home Communion to homebound members

  • Regular visits with members less able to attend worship (Church Partners)

  • Hospital visitation and follow-up support

  • Prayers through our email prayer ministry

  • Prayer shawls and other tangible expressions of care for those in need of compassion

Deacon Ministries: List

The Westminster Board of Deacons meets monthly and is composed of 18 members. A deacon leadership team provides on-going support and direction for the Board’s ministries, many of which are supported by the participation of congregational members.

Deacon Ministries: Text
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