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Adult Education

Adult Education


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The following classes begin
This Sunday, September 25

Genesis 1-11: Ancient Stories of Origins that Still Influence Us
led by Thomas Dozeman

This course will explore the rich resource of stories on creation, the origin of human violence, the role of the flood in the ancient world and its influence in contemporary ecology, as well as the underlying oppression that accompanies urban civilization.

Human Nature and Ethics
led by Bob Reece

Affirmations about the nature of God usually play a prominent role in any Christian ethic. But most ethical systems, religious and secular, also rest in part on assumptions about the nature of human beings. Are people basically good or evil? What is the essential human characteristic? Can we draw ethical data from the theory of evolution as a source in understanding human nature?

On Kugel: How to Read the Bible
led by Dr. Richard Baker
(West Parlor)

James L. Kugel’s book, How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture Then and Now, was good enough to make The Onion get serious, if only for a minute or two. The usually satirical news organization called Kugel’s work “a breathtaking new look at the world’s most popular book.” Kugel, who for years taught Hebrew Bible at Harvard, has put the best of all his teaching between two covers. Join us for the ride.

Drop-ins are always welcome at all of our Sunday Morning
Adult Education classes. No prior preparation expected.

Every Thursday
5:30-6:45 p.m.

Bible 101
led by Laurie Davis and Gene Saunders
(West Parlor)

This Thursday’s topic and texts are The Prophets and the Fall of the North — 1 Kings 16 - 2 Kings 17, Amos, and Hosea.  In this basic biblical survey course, no prior biblical knowledge is assumed, no question is too basic, and every attempt at humor is appreciated. Newcomers are always welcome.





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